THE UK will be ready for a no-deal Brexit, South Swindon’s MP said.

Robert Buckland’s comments followed the publication of a leaked government report setting out fears of medicine shortages, nationwide protests and three-month queues at British ports, with prime minister Boris Johnson coming under mounting pressure to recall parliament.

The Sunday Times claimed to have obtained the Operation Yellowhammer report in full. In it, civil servants listed the likely aftershocks should the UK leave the European Union without a deal.

Here’s what you told us on Facebook...

Ben Fiocca: They can’t even sort out doctors telephone systems for months let alone the complete ripping up of everything that regulates our food and medicine supplies! Anyone that puts faith in the government to sort this out is deluded.

Frances Dady: Does he honestly believe that or is he just saying what Boris Johnson tells him to? Hmm, I wonder. Don’t know what’s worse – the lies these Tories tell themselves or the lies they tell us!

Martin Parry: We are having to get used to this sort of naivety. The damage Brexit will bring about to Britain is immense and will go on for years. It has already begun and can be seen if you haven’t got your head in the sand. We will no longer be a United Kingdom eventually. Roll it back before its too late!

Craig Crawford: The UK is ready. Ready for the absolute chaos that I believe could cause untold problems including a severe recession (I didn’t vote either way, I trust nothing that the Tory residents of Cloud cuckoo land dream up “for the benefit of the UK”). Lining their pockets is the only benefit they’re interested in. But, you never know, Brexit might make the UK “great again”.We will see...

Tom Hardy: Throughout the month of September I shall be stocking up on food and bottled water. I am also going to guard my stock of food myself. I'm not getting hungry while you unprepared people starve.

Aaron Jason: There are other countries that will deal with the UK. The EU states won’t stop dealing with us because of Brexit. They stand to lose too much. Stop being blinded by smokescreens set out by Remainers. And those of you stockpiling bread, water, milk etc, you’re the reason the country goes into turmoil. We’re not at war. Food and beverages and essentials are not about to stop hitting the shelves of supermarkets. If we can’t import from one country, we’ll buy and import from another. On top of that, the EU legislation that has hindered the UK agricultural, dairy and fishing industry will no longer be warranted. Therefore we won’t need to import so much because it’ll be grown here in the UK. You know, like before we were trapped by the EU. Wake up people.

Hilary Brooks: Why would anyone trust Boris Johnson or the cabinet who have sworn allegiance to him?

David Lawrence: There will be extra help for people in the job centre.

Nathalie Marshall: Which is why all the experts say otherwise obviously?

Phil Paton: The PM knows exactly what he is doing and that’s playing the EU at their own game, they do a lot more trade with the UK than the UK do with them so a no-deal might cause a short-term problem for the UK but it will cause a lot bigger long-term problem for the EU. The ball is very firmly in the UK's court and the EU are going to have to learn about compromise.

Peter McSparron: A majority of the electorate and MPs voted to leave without the faintest idea of what that really meant. Now they all waffle on about stopping a no-deal exit and general elections. But the final decision doesn’t rest with parliament at all, it’s down to what 27 EU countries decide. If just one refuses to negotiate then we are out no matter how much our MPs may bluster. Whatever the outcome just realise you got what you voted for – even if it is nothing like you thought you were voting for.