Coleshill Organics have won a National Trust Fine Farm Produce award for their small organic veg box.

The company, based at the Coleshill Estates, won the award in July for its £10 Organic Vegetable box that it offers to send to its customers.

The awards were held at Blenheim Palace in July and was broadcast on BBC Countryfile Live.

All those who were nominated for the awards had to be a tenant of land owned by the National Trust.

Sonia Oliver, owner of Coleshill Organics, said: “We entered our small veg box that holds about 7 pieces of vegetables for £10 and it’s all organic and season based.

“On our certificate it says ‘A beautifully presented box of lovely fresh, flavoursome vegetables.’

“The land we rent from the National Trust has always been used to grow vegetables but when I became the tenant, I turned it into a business venture.

“I entered for the award in June, I think, and all of the winners were announced at the end of July, so it was a pretty quick turnaround.

“It’s great. It’s brilliant to have an event like this at a national level to showcase local produce.

“The thing I was most keen to do was to make sure that people could feel a connection to their food, about where it’s grown and what it’s come from.

“The gardens are open to the public and people should come and take the opportunity to see how their food is produced.

“From a business standpoint, obviously I’m hoping people decide to order a box but ultimately it’s about opening the doors to the farming industry and offering a transparent look at what we do.

“I want it to be exciting.”

The company itself offers a variety of fruit and vegetable boxes ranging from £19.25 for the Veg Lovers Box to £8.75 for a small Fruit Bag and includes free delivery.

It also offers additional products such as honey and eggs. All of their boxes can be ordered on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.

Alongside the Fine Farm Produce Award, Coleshill Organics have also won the Box Scheme of the Year from the Soil Association.

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