A BEAUTY queen will be using her new title to help change policies on bullying and mental health in schools.

Terriann Evans, who has been crowned Miss Sovereign Great Britain Pageant Ambassador earlier this month, will be working towards tackling bullying in schools.

The 20-year-old suffered from emotional and physical abuse during her childhood both at school and at home. She wants to use her own experience to support young people going through the same journey.

She said: “With my title, I am going to be attending all of the Mayor of Swindon charity events. I am also working with the NSPCC to get my story out in the world.

“I am also working towards changing the policies in all UK schools around bullying and mental health issues and young children. My main aim is to help young children who suffer mental health issues get better, so they don’t have to suffer in the future.”

Terriann wants to make sure all teachers go through specific training to spot signs in young children.

She added: “This is because when I was in school, I showed signs of being abused at home and mental health issues, but no teachers realised what was happening.

“It is hard for children to trust teachers about these issues but if teachers can catch the signs early, they will be able to help and fight the issue before it grows stronger.”

Terriann received her title on August 17 at Crewe Lyceum theatre. There were around 37 contestants at the finals from different age categories.

“There was an overall winner from junior teen, teen, miss, Ms and Mrs who are my sister queens but I was crowned overall Ambassador out of all the girls in every age category,” said Terriann.

“I was really difficult because there was so many inspiring girls on stage with me who have worked hard for months and months raising money for charity and volunteering within their local communities.

“I didn’t think my name was going to be called at all because of how amazing all the other girls were but it happened!”

And she won Miss Personality.for being the kindest person in the pageant according to fellow contestants. She said: “It was amazing to win this award because people voted for me and knowing people think I’m kind is amazing!”

The young woman will be attending several events in Swindon, including the colour run at Lydiard Park on September 14.