One in 10 children in Swindon have not been properly vaccinated against potentially fatal measles.

And doctors in the town have made a desperate plea to parents to make sure their youngsters are fully immunised before they start school again in just two weeks.

They are among 5,000 children in the south west who aren’t properly protected from measles, mumps and rubella.

The Adver's story prompted plenty of reaction, with one Facebook commenter saying: "Claiming vaccines don’t work is both dangerous and stupid in the extreme.”

Here's what else you told us...

Gemma Nicole Oram: I will never understand the reason for any parent not to vaccinate their child. Vaccination works! That's a fact. I definitely agree that children should not be allowed to attend school until they are vaccinated. Why risk the life of others.

Jessica Wilson: I don't think kids should be allowed to go to schools or nurseries without being vaccinated (unless they have a medical condition which means they can't). Someone's personal choice should not affect others.

John Fowler: Some people are just bloody minded and can't listen to facts and scientific evidence. They'd rather believe tripe off the internet.

Shane Halliwell: Do what Australia does. Refuse to pay parents' childcare benefits if they don't vaccinate their kids. I'm sure their tune would quickly change.

Marcus Carlton: The headline reads one out of 10 children aren’t vaccinated when it should be celebrating the fact that nine out of 10 children ARE vaccinated. Does anyone else remember when we were advised that eating British beef was fine during the CJD epidemic or the benefits of healthy smoking? I’m not surprised that all people don’t share the same optimism about immunisation.

Sonia Watts: Measles can blind a child. I have no idea why anyone would risk that happening to a child?

Hazel Nicholls: I was horrified to read this. When I was growing up smallpox was still a serious problem, but immunisation was taken up by pretty well all families to beat it. This is the only way we will beat measles, or any other infectious disease. Unless there is a valid medical risk all children should have all the jabs they need – not just the first one and not bother about the booster.

Deborah Clark: Not being immunised is fine but those taking this route should be prepared to pay for NHS treatment for the diseases that could have been protected against via immunisation.

Maria Phillips: My husband got measles before the vaccination age in the 50s, he’s got bad eyesite from it. His mum was worried he would go blind and he was extremely ill.

Sarah Hext: Some children cannot be vaccinated due to medical reasons (cancer, immunity problems, long-term illness etc). Other children being vaccinated creates herd immunity and protects those that can’t.

Christine Nickerson: Measles can cause blindness, Mumps can cause infertility in males and Polio can paralyse. Why would you risk your child's life chances for the sake of a free jab?

Keetoowah Bear: Measles should have been eradicated years ago but we know that there are many people from different countries that have not been vaccinated they have brought them into my country the US. The children that have not been vaccinated are now getting them. I am not blaming these people some other countries it’s just they didn’t have it to get the children immunised. I believe that they could have they would have.

Daniel Adams: If you want to be part of society you get vaccinated. If you don't then kindly remove yourself. I don't want my family dying as a result of someone's ignorance.