A SWINDON entrepreneur with a passion for psychology decided to use his knowledge and skills to help others find their ideal career.

Jamie Martin from North Swindon set up his own company to help small businesses and self-starters around Swindon train and retain their workers as well as offer careers advice and support.

He said: “I’ve always been a people-focused person who is fascinated by how external, subconscious and motivational factors affect decision-making, so I studied psychology at university.

"I wanted to use this love of helping and understanding people to start a recruitment company with a difference.

"Job satisfaction has a big impact on people's lives so it's important that they are supported, especially during the first six months in a new role.

"Someone leaving a team has a big knock-on effect on the rest of the workforce and their clients so it's integral for employers to ensure they're looked after,

"This is also important if they are facing outplacement and have to find a new job because the market is very competitive and you need the right skills to succeed.

"I used to recruit for sales and marketing teams so I understand how it works and how integral that section is to a business.

"A lot of people have great ideas and expertise but are afraid of starting their own business because they don't know how to sell what they can offer.

"I know what that's like and, though it's challenging, I know that it can be done.

Jamie worked in telesales and in the Adver’s advertising team before going on to a six-year stint in a recruitment company.

While there, he gained experience of how employers in different industries recruit new workers from at home and internationally.

He then left the company to have a break and found Correct Careers Coaching in July which he runs from a home office and regularly visits companies in his hometown to host workshops.

He added: "I wanted to swiftly make an impact so I focused on building relationships through networking. There are a lot of recruitment companies out there and I'm doing something different with my focus on employee retention."

Jamie has big ambitions for its future.

He added: “In the next few of years, I'd like to be able to employ a few people and grow my team, eventually move to an office and eventually work with big corporate companies and be their go-to guy."