This towering frame at BMW will play host to new machinery and production line equipment.

The construction has been in the offing since October 2018 but has been catching the eye due to its size.

A spokeswoman for BMW said: “There is a programme of building works taking place at our Swindon site replacing ageing machinery and press line equipment, which we expect to be complete by the summer of 2021.

“Residents and neighbours near to the plant have been kept informed about the works over the past few months.”

Despite the new building, BMW confirmed that it will not be creating any new jobs at the plant.

Residents living opposite the site on Bridge End Road are happy to see it expanding.

Janet Robinson and her partner David said: “This has been in the process for nine months, it’s fantastic, absolutely fantastic.

“It keeps jobs in this country. We’re really pleased because it’s better than having houses over there.

“Everybody’s talking about the EU and BMW are investing millions of pounds in Swindon.

“We’re not worried about any extra traffic. It can’t exactly get any worse.

"This is the busiest road in Swindon.

“If they’d have built houses it would have been awful, horrendous. We were dreading having a load of homes over there.

“We’ve lived here for over 40 years and we’ve seen it all."

In the planning proposals for the construction, BMW said the new building will consist of 12,880 square metres of floor space, including an 'excess material building' and container office.

The height of the building will be 25.5 meters at its highest and 13.2m at its lowest.

The new development will see 130 parking spaces lost from the current south parking lot.

At the time of the original planning application, the Stratton St Margaret parish council said it was not worried about the size of the building but was more concerned about the impact on traffic.

But it added it was “pleased the site was being invested in rather than being sold off for housing”.

The Swindon plant has had £40m worth of investment into it since 2003 and employs around 850 people making all doors, bonnets, tailgates and roof assemblies for Mini models.