WHEN Pamela and Stanley Hutchins got married, her parents were convinced it would never last.

That was sixty years ago and the couple, who live in Wroughton, say they are happier than ever.

Stanley, 84 and Pamela, 81, met in London in October 1957 while they were working for the same firm, British Moulded Plastics.

Pamela recalled the time they first met. “I worked in the offices and my husband worked in another department, but he had to walk past the office, and I liked the way he walked along the corridor and that was the beginning really.”

Stan said: “She found out all about me from a friend that was in the office. All the office knew that she was after me and then I decided to ask her out and that was it.”

They went to watch a film for their first date. And from that day, Pamela said she knew Stanley was the right man for her.

“I guess I fell in love after our first date I suppose.

“I saw Stan for the first time, I hoped I would always stay with him. It was only 13 weeks when he asked me to marry him. He loved me from the beginning. It was a surprise when he asked me, but I said yes immediately."

“I knew it was the right thing to do. I even left home which wasn’t a good thing in those days because my parents did not think it would last five minutes.”

They were both watching Jailhouse Rock film when Stan popped the question and asked Pamela to marry him.

He said: “I knew she was the one for me, but I didn’t know the other way around, so I just asked her and that was it. I was very nervous in case she said no, but it has been a very long happy marriage and I’m looking forward to next year.

“I would have lasted this long if it wasn’t for my wife. We just treat every day as it goes, we are thankful that we are still together, I couldn’t wish for a better partner. It was definitely love at the first sight.”

Pamela told the Adver: “It’s been a very good marriage, we never lost the love and it gets better over the time.”

They celebrated their anniversary on September 5 with their family at Vera’s Kitchen in Lechlade. They have three sons, eight grandchildren and three great grandchildren. Their youngest son Pete, 50, said: “They have inspired me. Me and my wife Jayne have actually been together 30 years in two weeks’ time. I’ve always remembered my parents being happy together and putting their children first.

“This is something that we have always done with our children to create a loving family atmosphere.”