Wiltshire Police have recruited a new batch of mini-police officers.

Swearing them in at Moredon Primary School, Elroy Rodriquez, the force’s representative, welcomed the 20 new 'officers' to the police family.

Applauded by their parents, the new kids will be looking to make a meaningful change in their community.

Elroy said: “This scheme is all about developing our young children, empowering them for a better tomorrow, building their confidence and finding out what the concerns are within the community and how we can solve it.

“I believe, and speaking to the parents they do too, that this is a brilliant opportunity for the child to get that personal responsibility and to be a role model in the school and outside as well.

“I wish I had this opportunity because it’s a really good one to embrace for the school and the community.

“Everybody, in their hearts, has got something in them to serve people and to make a difference in the community, and that’s what we need, to have that kind of passion and drive to make the community a better place to live.”

Emma Leach, headteacher of Moredon Primary, said: “We hope it changes the perception of the police and to make the children feel that they could make a difference to their community. They had really specific things they wanted to change."