RAYCHEM Netball Club members have just celebrated the club’s 40th year anniversary.

The team was set up in 1979 by five former employees of Raychem – a company that sells technology.

Mo Squires had only been at the company for a few weeks before her colleagues had encouraged her to start a team after they found out that she played netball.

Mo, 65, of Cheney Manor said: “Initially every member was an employee and then it went out to sisters, aunts and daughters and it went around to all the generations. Now not that many people are from the company anymore.”

What started out as something that was just for a little bit of fun turned out to be something much greater.

Mo added: “Our next major growth was in 1994 when we started our junior group and now we organise six junior teams and as many as seven adult teams.”

The club has over 200 members with the youngest being six-years-old and the eldest is 80.

But Mo misses how it used to be: “I do miss it being a smaller group because it can be difficult at times, it was much easier to manage when it was a small team. It takes a lot of effort but we have a good strong team."

The club has won multiple awards including the England Netball Golden Globe for Outstanding Club in 2014.

And it won England Netball Club Action Playing Scheme at the gold level for the past 10 years.

CAPS provides netball clubs with a structure and plan for development, which has the player as its primary focus.

There might not be many original members in the team left but they enjoy playing so much they come back even after having a family.

Mo told the Adver: “The keen ones tend to come back, Mandy Hooper is someone who had a family and waited until her children were over fourteen before coming back. Some will even come back not long after they have given birth.”

The team is looking for more members to play and to help out with coaching and organising.

Anyone can try out whether that’s just for fun or you want to play competitively.