ONE player has been beside Mo from the very start of Raychem Netball Club.

Pat Glanville was an employee of Raychem when Mo joined the small office.

After finding out that Mo played netball in her spare time in 1979, Pat and her colleagues encouraged her to start their own team.

Pat, 64, of Coleview talked about a fond memory she has: "Getting a room to make our netball posts and painting our netball court is one memory I will always remember. That's because we had nothing in those days and the club was so small and it was just right at the beginning when it all started."

She added: "It has grown, it started off as just one team then just before I left there was three or four teams and I know it has grown a lot more since then."

Pat hit the ball over the net with the other Raychem players for 10 years before she left but she joined the team one more time for their 40th anniversary.