A TOT was found with broken glass in her mouth while playing in a park for the second time in less than a year – and her terrified mum is now taking steps in bid to stop others being injured.

Determined Michelle Hughes, 33, left a dustpan and a brush in Middleleaze Park after her one-year-old daughter Isabella avoided serious injury.

Michelle said: “It was the second time that my daughter picked up glass in the park, so I thought – what could we do to stop it.

“The first time was when she just turned one and she was playing in the park, and she picked a piece of broken glass. I first thought it was a piece of brown bark – it wasn’t.

“And the second was more recent. Isabelle was on her bike and the bike fell over. I picked the bike up, turned around and found that she had something in her mouth.

“It was terrifying. Just imagine if she started running and swallowed it or cut herself. I was very lucky to just catch her in time.”

Along with the dustpan and brush, Michelle left a note encouraging park users to be more responsible.

It read: “Please use the dustpan and brush to clear up glass. We can’t stop people doing it, but we can change the result.”

But Michelle praised the borough council for the work they do to keep the area clean.

Michelle told the Adver: “I didn’t raise it with the council, I think they try their best. They do what they can to clean up.

“They have provided new bins along all the paths and the parks and also routinely check the parks, so I don’t believe there is a lot more they can do.

“We, as parents, use the park and are there most days, so I do believe as a community we also have a responsibility to try and keep an eye out for small fingers, mouths and paws.”

The brush went missing twice, but the mum replaced it a couple of days ago because she said she has seen positive results.

“I hope it will stay there a little longer this time,” she said.

“It has got a lot better. People seem to use it.”

West Swindon Parish Council invested £180,000 in four play areas this year, including the Middleleaze park which got a full refurbishment.

Michelle added: “The park itself is brilliant, it’s a brand-new park, so there’s nothing more that can be improved. The council has done as much as they can, but the minority is trying to ruin it.”