The third episode of A confession aired earlier this week, revealing the moment when killer Christopher Halliwell confess the murders.

The taxi driver is describing how he killed the two young women. Halliwell led officers to Sian’s body and to another body in Gloucestershire.

We asked you to share your thoughts about this new episode, here’s what you told us on Facebook…

Naomi Goral: “This was so heart-breaking and very hard to watch. Steve Fulcher is an absolute hero. If it wasn’t for him I don’t think these girls would have been found.

“If I was one of the girl’s parents, I would want him to do exactly everything he did. I believe 100 percent that that evil monster is to blame for many more murders of missing girls.”

Carol Watts: “Very sad, hope he never gets out of prison for the evil things he has done to those poor girls, PC Fulcher did the right thing, I hope the law gets changed so detective don’t get treated as he did.”

Jodie Moss: “Steve Fulcher is a legend! Those poor girls would still be buried if it wasn’t for him. He deserves a medal.

"Shame on the police for sacking him. It was really hard to watch.”

Helen Mooring: “Last nights episode was so difficult to watch. Steve Fulcher should be awarded for going above and beyond for both Sian and Becky, if it hadn’t of been for him Becky would never have been found.”

Joy Archer: “Really difficult to watch. I live in Swindon and remember it so well and still feel uncomfortable getting into a taxi.

"Steve Fulcher is a legend and definitely shouldn’t have been sacked.”

Leeanne Fry: “Fulcher is an absolute legend. He gave Becky’s parents closure on what happened to their beautiful daughter.

"He gave them Becky back so they could give her the send off she truly deserved.

“Without him they would still be wondering what happened to her, is she still alive or isn’t she.

"He should have been given a medal, not the sack. It’s absolutely disgusting.”

Jenny Turner: “I won’t get into a taxi on my own anymore.

"I still can’t believe what Steve went through.

"Just awful after bringing both girls home to their families.”

Steve Pearce: “Have to agree with everyone else, Steve Fulcher and his team deserved far more credit than they got.

“If it wasn’t for Steve Fulcher, Becky would never have been found and Sian would have been left in a ditch at the side of the road.

"Steve Fulcher should have been honoured by his Queen for serving his country in the manner he did to protect us all. RIP Sian and Becky.”

Cath Giles Brasier: “What an amazing man.

"Full of compassion even for the evil Halliwell to get him to open up."

AJ Taylor: “Just finished Steve Fulcher’s book and it’s shocking how he was treated.

"Seemed like being an honest copper, doing the right thing was his downfall, shame the law seems to weigh in favour of criminals.”

Sally Wallis: "For all the avid readers out there, I strongly suggest you read both Steve Fulchers book and Karen Edwards as they give so much more of an insight into everything (not horrendous details) but so many unanswered questions."

Andrea Murphy: "I was on edge all the way through"

Aaron Prince: "A lot better but difficult to watch."

Jane Heslop: "Remember it well living not to far from here. Tragic.

"Well acted especially by Joe Absolom."