WHAT is it like to set up a new business in such uncertain times?

Natalie Skinner set up event planning service Elsie Road and thinks that the challenges she faced may make others scared of following in her footsteps.

She said: “This has been very challenging, particularly trying to balance a full-time job alongside starting a new business.

“I’ve been pushed to my limits financially and mentally but when you see it all coming together, you remember why you’re doing it.

“I think there are so many financial pressures that people are scared of failing and there isn’t anywhere to go that teaches you about the issues you’re going to face. There wasn’t anyone to teach me about dull but important parts of starting a business like payroll or pricing structures. I was reactive and learnt from experience.

“There are so many coaches these days willing to give away their trade secrets but it all comes at a cost. There should be more grants and access to courses for people of all ages and financial backgrounds that helps them learn the skills they need to succeed.

“Brexit didn’t stop me making the leap but it is impacting on people’s decision-making on a big scale. I think people are so scared of what the future will hold they are reluctant to take the risk.

“I think Swindon still has some developing to do to compete with nearby towns and lots of people are choosing to start up in London and other areas that are seen as more profitable with better opportunities.

“I see a lot of people starting new successful ventures but many are living in limbo keeping their start-up as an extra job in case it doesn’t work out.”

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