SCORES descended on a Parks church for singing, dancing – and a cream tea.

The Sing Out the Summer event was organised by Parks Initiated Projects Swindon, a Whitbourne Avenue-based charity project better known by its snappier acronym PIPS.

Sam Rawlings manages PIPS: “This event is to promote joy in our area. We’re trying to say good things do happen here. We do have fun here and there’s something for everybody.”

Taking part in the event was the St John’s Community Choir, which meets at the Whitbourne Avenue church.

Choir member Tina Ponting, 43, had suffered with poor mental health – but said singing with the group had made an amazing difference: “It’s brought me out from home. It’s helped my mental health and I’ve made loads of friends.

“I did karaoke many years ago but I would never have dreamed of coming to sing with a choir. Now, I love coming to this and I’m proud to be a member of the choir.”