THE new £800,000 ‘front door’ to Swindon is being dug up just three months after it was completed.

People in Wellington Street had complained to the council about the noise caused by commuters dragging cases over the ribbed paving from 5am every day – so it’s being replaced.

The street was initially torn up and relaid in April after the council found the paving was ‘not up to scratch’.

Adver readers had a lot to say about this on Facebook...

KAREN GIBBONS: “Residents are never happy. First pub noise now people walking with their trolleys going to and from the train.

“Are all the residents blind? Did they not see pubs and a train station when viewing the flats?”

CATHERINE QUEEN: “If complaints are being taken seriously then how do we complain about the planning department wasting money?”

JUSTIN ORCHARD: “Next they will complain about the trains or even the birds.”

JEFF GAMBOLD: “Maybe it’s a metaphor for Brexit? Seriously, though, if a pavement is considered too noisy, you might as well put astroturf down.”

KEVIN ARNOLD: “Another waste of our taxpayers’ money.”

SUSAN BALL: “Surely it was noisy with the old pavement too. That hasn’t changed, it was a walkway before. People love to moan, there’s a train station there so people will have suitcases.”

CHELS ALEXANDER: “Can they not spend money or time on something that’s actually worth the money?”

COLIN CLEVERLEY: “There should be a sign asking people to lift their case over this small piece of noisy path as it wakes the sleeping people up, and at the end another sign saying thanks for your cooperation.”

MICHELLE LOWRIE: “They listen to residents complaining about a noisy pavements, yet when the people on our road raise concerns about the increase in heavy lorries causing our windows to shake and walls crack they say that’s all part of living on a busy road.”

KEVIN SPACKMAN: “Was it really worth the money in the first place?

“After an amount of time, the paving would have become cracked and uneven like in the town centre. They should have just tarmac the paths to be even “

JAMES GURLING: “The ribbed paving is tactile and corduroy paving. It is for the visually impaired so they know where to cross and what sort of crossing it is.

“I hope they are putting in something suitable as replacement and not just smooth paving.

“Otherwise, if some poor blind person comes to serious harm it will be on the heads of all the residents that complained.”

DANNY HORWOOD: “Imagine moving next to a train station then complaining about suitcase noise.”

IGGY DIAS: “The £25 million we’re getting from the government won’t last long the way we are wasting the money.”

JENNA PALMER: “ If we want a 'welcoming' environment from the train station, how about doing something with the eyesore abandoned building on top of it?”

And here's what you told us in the comments section on our website...

‘I LOVE THIS TOWN, HONEST’: “I am amazed the councillor is surprised that people will walk the shortest route possible. Even if there is a crossing point 10 feet from where they are stood, they will not use the crossing. I thought that was common knowledge.”

‘BLACKMALKIN’: “People live near a station and complain about the noise of people going to work? Get a grip.”

‘ELVISJNR’: “They can’t even get a pavement right so what hope do we have for the town centre?”