Park and ride schemes in two expanding areas of Swindon are still on the cards.

But it will be six months before the authority even has enough data to see if they will work or be used.

That is despite councillors expressing frustration that traffic problems persist across the town.

Members of the authority’s growing the economy overview and scrutiny committee heard from senior highways officer Syed Shah.

He said: “Park-and-ride schemes are still in the draft local plan at Wichelstowe and the the New Eastern Villages.”

He added that while there is and earmarked in the local plan for a site in Wichelstowe “there is pressure on the site because the value of land is high and there is currently no identified or agreed funding for the delivery of a facility”.

When Mr Shah was asked by Coun Jenny Jefferies why the previous park and rides have been discontinued, the Conservative cabinet member for economy and place, Oliver Donachie replied.

He said: “The market simply didn’t want the product that was offered.

"The numbers were very clear. It just wasn’t used enough to remain viable.”

Coun Donachie explained that it would be six months for council officers to gather data on how traffic flows across Swindon, to allow sensible planning for the future.

He said: “Some of the data we have is five years old, and that’s just not relevant any more. Traffic doesn’t behave in the same way.”

Jim Robbins, Labour councillor for Mannington and Western, said more needed to be done to alleviate traffic problems in Rodbourne, where jams around the Outlet are a perennial problem.

He said: “Schemes are meant to be part of the mitigation of the snow centre and they’re meant to be part of the solution to the congestion caused by the outlet centre.

“I think it’s time more was done for residents of Swindon, those who live here, not people who drive in and out on Great Western way from parts of Wiltshire and the Cotswolds.

"It’s the people in Swindon who pay this council their tax, not those driving in.”

He added: “If it’s going to be six months before you have the information, when is something going to be done?"

Coun Donachie acknowledged Coun Robbins point, adding: “You, and your residents have been incredibly patient, and we will do something.

“But we need to get the accurate data to come up with the right solution – we only get one shot at this.

"We get to spend one lot of money once and we can’t have another go if we get it wrong."