She was rescued from a pound in Spain having been abandoned when no longer useful for hunting.

Now SNDogs wants to find a forever home for the Spanish Podenco called Tiana.

“It’s probable that the hunter had her for the hunting season then decided to get rid of her at the end of it,” said trustee and volunteer Clare Fantini-Stephens, who is fostering the hound.

The two-year-old pooch came to the charity in May but since then hasn’t had any interest from potential owners.

“She has the loveliest of natures,” said Clare.

“She can be slightly shy when she first meets you but if you give her favourite treat – a piece of chicken – she will soon warm to you!”

Tiana behaves well with big and small dogs, but the charity is recommending she go to a home without cats or other small pets.

“Her prey instinct, being an ex-hunting dog, is just too strong and she would chase them,” said Clare.

“She would be fine with children over 10 years old, as young children seem to scare her.”

Tiana would need to be rehomed by an owner who has a garden with a 5ft fence.

“She loves running around,” continued Clare.

“When she first came to me she went into the garden and jumped straight on to the trampoline, looking over the fence at what was going on.

"If she saw a cat or something of interest she could go off after it, so the garden would need to be completely secure.”

The pooch is house trained and travels well in the car.

“She is just such a lovely dog,” added Clare.

“She has these amazing big ears, and likes tummy tickles and having her chin scratched.

“Tiana just needs a really nice home where she can be loved and cared for,” she said.

If you want to give Tiana a home, visit and fill out the application form.

SNDogs runs a foster organisation, where homeless and rescued dogs are looked after in a network of volunteer homes.

It asks for a £200 donation for each dog adopted, to help it cover the cost of previous care.