HUNDREDS of climate change campaigners marched through the streets of Swindon.

More than 300 protesters rallied as part of yesterday's global strike, including children who had walked out of school to get involved.

They included nine-year-old Sophie Hegarty, from St George & St Andrew Primary School in Marlborough.

She told the Adver: “I’m here because there is a climate disaster. Greta Thunberg inspired me to be here today because just one 16-year-old set off the whole planet to join.”

Greta, the Swedish environmental activist, has become the face of global strikes after making it her mission to travel the world and get politicians to listen and take action.

Sophie’s dad was with her for the protest, both of them holding a sign saying ‘drive less, cycle more, fitter you, fitter planet’.

Mark, 45, said: “The climate crisis is intensifying every year that goes by and the hope that we have all put into politicians to deal with this has just come to nothing.

"I think if we don’t take action very soon we are going to reach a point where we will be in complete climate breakdown.”

The people of Swindon and nearby chanted: "Climate change is not a lie, do not let our planet die."

Signs bearing the Extinction Rebellion logo were held high in the air. Children had placards asking for the world to not be destroyed before their lives have even begun.

MJ Pagett, 18, of Wroughton, said: “I feel as a youth representative I need to get the message out to the younger generation, so they are more educated on the climate crisis. I also want to make it more accessible for them in schools and so they can have a say because they can’t vote.”

Barbara Swann, 72, of New Town added: “I’ve got three grandchildren and I’m very worried about what kind of future they will be living in. It’s obvious that the climate is changing.

"They are only six, three and two years old so I’m desperately worried about what their future will be.”