Her puppies didn’t make it after she was found on the streets of Spain with a broken leg.

Now SNDogs wants to find a forever home for the Sighthound called Jemma.

“She was actually found with her puppies,” said Clare Clarke who is currently fostering Jemma.

“But she wasn’t able to look after them and they didn’t make it which is sad.”

The two-year-old pooch who is a popular breed used for hunting in Spain came to the charity at the end of April.

When she arrived Jemma also had a broken leg which then got infected and required antibiotics for treatment.

“For the last two weeks it’s been looking like it has fully healed,” said Clare.

“She’s not showing any negativity towards her leg in the last few walks we’ve done.

“She will need a little more time to let it build back up again, before say, going on hikes with her new owners.

"But normal walking is fine,” said Clare.

While there has been some interest in her since she came to SNDogs, Jemma still hasn’t been able to find a permanent owner.

“She has a really sweet nature,” added Clare, who has looked after over 60 dogs in the last four years since she started fostering with the charity.

“Jemma is a very loving dog," she said.

"When meeting new people she can be a little skittish but once she knows you, she wants all the fuss and all the love,” added Clare.

The hound walks well on the lead and can also be rehomed with children as well as other dogs and cats.

“Jemma’s breeding means that she has a strong prey drive so she would definitely chase things and I wouldn’t like to speculate about what might happen if she caught anything,” said Clare.

Jemma loves playing with her squeaky toys and chasing balls.

“She currently has no recall however,” Clare continued.

“So she should only be let off in a secure field.”

Speaking about why someone should adopt her Clare said: “Because she’s an amazing dog!

“She’s young, so she will be trainable, but she also isn’t a puppy, so she doesn’t need the same level of attention.

“She would probably fit into any home,” added Clare.

“Once she has been given time to settle in.

“With a patient owner where she has time to come out of shell she’ll be really good anywhere.”

SNDogs runs a foster organisation, where homeless and rescued dogs are looked after in a network of volunteer homes.

It asks for a £200 donation for each dog adopted, to help it cover the cost of previous care.