A STUDENT midwife will help expectant mums in one of the world's poorest countries.

Ellie Brain studies at the University of West London part-time and has been inspired to visit Nepal next summer.

The 24-year-old from Wroughton said: “It’s really important because it will be helping people in a less developed environment.

"So I will be able to give them the knowledge I have and some advice on sleeping safely. Even if I save one woman or one baby it will be worth it.

“I’m just looking forward to seeing how different it is to our culture.”

Ellie works at a mental health hospital, Marlborough House, while studying and has started her own fundraiser for the trip.

She has set herself a a goal of £2,500 so that she can be in Nepal for the full two weeks of the unpaid placement.

“I’m really excited," said Ellie. "I’m raising the money because you have to fund it yourself, so I’m a little apprehensive about that.

"But not only is going to help the mums in Nepal, it will help me to be a better midwife.

She added: “I left school and helped in a mental health hospital and then after that I went to study. I still do both.

“Part of my degree is to work part-time at university and a placement.

“A guest speaker came and they said how amazing it is. She was a midwife over there too who had such a great time and so I decided to go.”

Ellie is set to go to Kathmandu in July 2020 to assist during labour at a hospital and to give advice to new mums.

Midwife students and professionals in the UK are asked to fly to the Nepalese capital help because midwifery isn’t an independent profession in the underdeveloped country.

This means pregnant women, new mums and infants are at risk of complications. Around 13,000 babies die every year in the country.

As part of her fundraising effort, Ellie is holding a quiz night on November 30 at the Iron Horse at 7.30pm.

She said: “Wroughton has a real sense of community and people really support each other so I know that they will be willing to support me.

"Anyone can come along to it. it can be a family thing or to meet up and have drinks and there will be other things like a raffle.

"I’ll also be doing other things after that event, depending on how much I raise.”