Three strangers wake up to find themselves trapped together in a room without a door. First, they react with panic and shock – but soon, there is conflict.

This is In Limbo by Swindon theatre company the Scullions Neoterics, and the play was written and devised by this talented young company. It is an immersive performance – a white-coated doctor invites the audience not only to observe the experiment on human behaviour, but to select the various stimuli dropped into the room to provoke a reaction. Soon the three subjects are quite literally at each other’s throats.

To begin with, you wonder why the captives aren’t more curious about who has kidnapped them and how they arrived at this destination, but you suspend disbelief and watch in a kind of mesmerised horror as the three victims of this experiment gradually reveal exactly what sort of people they are.

The four performances are strong, with director Nicky Cooper playing the rational doctor with a distinctly chilling edge, Polly Druce taking the role of the emotionally unstable Jane, Corey Rumble as Jack and Gherto Jr Tanzarella as Emmet. While the conclusion does not come as a huge surprise (indeed the clues are judiciously dropped in from the outset), it is the conviction and charisma of these four performers which truly gives this production its edge and makes it completely compelling to watch.

The play opened with a modest audience but I hope the production gets additional outings because it deserves to be seen and appreciated.

This is a talented, professional and creative company and In Limbo, like previous production Autobahn, is well worth your attention.