ASYLUM seekers want to raise funds for the charity that helped them settle in Swindon.

Moses Lubanda, is behind the Harbour Project Community Extravaganza which will be held on Saturday.

The 36-year-old, originally from Uganda arrived in Swindon in April and has been using the charity’s services since then.

He said: “This event is about bringing people closer to the Harbour Project. We also need some money to fund the hot meal for asylum seekers who normally come here every day.

“It is an opportunity for asylum-seekers to meet and talk, drink, dance and entertain each other, away from this stressful week.”

The event will feature a fashion show, an art exhibition and food from different parts of the globe.

Moses said: “It’s the first time I’m organising the event in the UK, but I organised similar events in Uganda for charities.

“Here it is difficult to get people to come, it’s a new environment, so you don’t know many people. So, to promote an event it's not as easy as it would be in Uganda.”

For Moses, bringing asylum-seekers together is important to help them get used to their new environment as well as supporting those suffering from mental health issues. “It would have been harder without the Harbour Project, because you realise when you come to a new place you don’t know anybody,”Moses said. “You don’t know where to start, you don’t understand the transport network, you know nothing. When I came here they made it easier. They helped me find the GP, understand the transport network, they gave me a bicycle so I can travel around.

“They help us also with mental health issues, such a stress, anxiety or depression. So, they are really helping these newcomers to take part of this new environment.”

The Harbour Project supports refugees and asylum-seekers with drop-in sessions, English classes and other services.

Asylum-seeker Nguvauva Kaujarukapo, 27, is helping Moses to organise the event. He said: “Just because people are very kind and very helpful, I wanted to give back as well.”

Project manager Nan Bains said: “It’s a brilliant event and very important for us because it is the first time that the visitors who use the project are actually organising an event. Because they feel that they are supported by the Harbour Project they wanted to fundraise and give back to the Project, and it is a huge achievement for us.”

Tickets to the event, which runs between 4pm and 8pm at the project's base in Broad Street, cost £10 each.

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