TECH fans got hands-on with the latest up-to-the-minute gadgets at this year's Tech Fest.

It was the second annual event, which is part of the National Libraries Week.

A range of newest technology was on show at Regent Circus Library, including virtual reality, a 3D printer and augmented-reality books.

Steve Mason, of Ferndale Road, went along with wife Charline and daughter Heidi.

He said: “We looked at the 3D printing. It’s interesting to know that it’s quite durable to have in your own house.

"I thought there would be fumes but there’s not.

"That’s inspired Heidi to want us to get one! It's pretty cool so maybe we will at some point.”

Charline added: “The lady who was explaining how it works was really good.

"We looked at the augmented-reality books where you can find a specific picture in the books and it brings it up on the iPad and you can move it. It is quite cool.”

Heidi is a fan of technology. She said: “I enjoyed it. My favourite thing was probably the 3D printer – it was really cool. It’s been great because I love technology.”

The augmented-reality books were popular with visitors queuing to have a go.

There were books of animals and fantasy creatures with each page having a logo to scan with the iPad.

Once it scans you can see the animal or creature in front of you through the screen of the iPad, which you can operate.

Helen Holwill, 49, came from Chipping Norton to Tech Fest. She said: “I met someone at a workshop the other day who mentioned the event.

"My son's interested in 3D artistry. It’s a great event. Everyone was informative and friendly and it's been very useful.”

The 3D printer was a clear favourite for visitors.

It can print objects and build them in just a few minutes by adding the material together layer by layer.

On the day, demonstrations showed it creating a skeleton, planes, unicorns, astronauts and even an Eiffel Tower.

Bedro Oliveria, 42, of Old Town, queued for his son to take have a go on the VR kit.

He said: “My son is interested in all this new technology and he wanted to give it a go.

"We had a look at the 3D printer and now we are giving VR a go.”