A FORMER Chippenham Town star was subjected to vile racist abuse by Bulgaria fans on his international debut.

Defender Tyrone Mings, who was born in Bath and played for Chippenham in 2012, made his debut for England on Monday night as the Three Lions travelled to Sofia.

The game was marred by racist abuse from the Bulgaria fans. The game was stopped twice and fans were warned about their behaviour.

Aston Villa ace Mr Mings, 26, said of the racism: “I heard it before I even got to the other side of the pitch for the warm-up.

"I went to Harry Kane first. He spoke to the manager, who then spoke to the fourth officials.

“Everyone was aware of it but we ultimately let our football do the talking and didn't get distracted by anything.

"Just before the end of the first half the appropriate next step was to return to the changing room. We made a common-sense decision to play the remaining few minutes and decided at half-time.

"Everybody made the decision. The manager, the team, the supporting staff. We spoke about it at half-time and we dealt with it and escalated it in the right way.

"I am proud of how we dealt with it and took the appropriate steps. I could hear it as clear as day. It doesn't affect me too much. I feel more sorry for those people who feel they have to have those opinions.”

England thrashed Bulgaria 6-0.