She’s been given up in her autumn years, after being with her previous family since she was a puppy.

Now SNDogs wants to find a forever home for Agi, the 12-year-old West Highland white terrier.

“She’s looking for a home now to see the rest of her days out,” said Ian Jewell, who is fostering Agi with his wife Rebecca.

“She’s a sweet, sweet little dog, who needs her retirement,” he said.

Agi came to the charity at the end of September after a change in circumstances meant her previous owner could no longer keep her.

“It’s a shame she can’t live out her days with the family who raised her as a puppy,” said Rebecca.

“She’s got a lot of love to give and life left in her, and she deserves to have that love that any other dog would get.

“Lots of people look at her and see young dog as a better option. But really any dog at any time or age can have anything happen to them,” she added.

The hound would best suit an older owner or a quiet house without young children.

Rebecca continued: “She’s slower now because she is 12. Agi’s not like a young dog bouncing around all the time. She’s passed being picked up and played with.”

However Agi is fond of affection.

“She love a cuddle on the couch and will lie there as long as you want,” added Rebecca.

“She is getting more adventurous as she settles in,” said Ian. “In the garden Agi used to go out just 10ft away from the back door, but this morning I found her right at the other end of the garden.”

Due to her age Agi, suffers from cataracts but they don’t cause her too many problems.

“She does seem to worry about her food though,” said Rebecca.

“But I think it’s because she has a little difficulty seeing and is worried she will have her food taken from her.”

Agi walks well on a lead and sleeps happily downstairs on her own at night.

“She’ll make someone a lovely little dog,” said Ian.

“Someone who is perhaps older, and will want to cuddle up on the couch with her.”

“Anyone who gets her may not have her for many years, but those will be good ones,” Rebecca added.