With Beat the Street returning to Swindon for a second year, people have been heading outside to take part in the game.

Tapping the ‘Beat Boxes’ on their journeys, so far over 24,000 people have signed up to take part, covering 140,500 miles in the first three weeks.

When a player taps a box they gain 10 points. These points then go to a school or charity of your choosing to help them climb the leader boards and try to win a prize at the end of the game.

With the game in full swing, the Adver spoke people taking part about their experiences.

Jodie West, a mum of two from Marlborough Road, is supporting Lawn Primary.

She has been out with her kids, Elliot, seven and three-year-old Mathew, almost every day since the game started. Jodie said: “We were excited when we heard it was coming back again.

“It’s an excuse for us to get out. We’re an active family but we’re competitive so we’re always keen to go out and get some points for the school.

“When the weather wasn’t that great and my husband was at work I said to the kids ‘come on, let’s just get out’ and we ended up being out for two hours.

“The kids were flagging once we got to Old Town so we came back via the shop and they picked a bag of sweets.

“I said to them they could only have a sweet once we’ve done each beat box and it turned in to Beat the Sweet rather than Beat the Street! That was a little incentive to get to each box, they had earned eight Tangfastics by the time we got home.

“The kids love it. We get out nearly every day before school to try and get the boxes and some days we go backwards and forwards depending on how quick they’ve eaten their breakfast.”

Jodie says the game has encouraged people to get out and earn points.

“You see some people who you think probably wouldn’t doing it with their kids,” she said.

“Having a box right outside our house means we can see the different types of people playing. It’s not just children, it’s joggers and people out on their bikes.

“Especially with the time of year it is, it’s great to see that this is pushing people to get out more.”

Jodie thinks bad weather is no excuse for not taking part.

“It’s not so much bad weather as it is bad equipment,” she added.

“My daughter is in Beavers so she has all the wet-weather gear and we just wrap up and pick the right moments for when to go, we try to get out every day.

Alongside schools and charities, Scout groups are taking part.

Kelly Crawford, Scout leader for the Seventh Swindon Scout Group in Abbey Meads, said: “It’s a great way for communities to get together and raise awareness and support for charities while getting kids out and about, sometimes with families and friends, enjoying their local communities and sometimes even further within Swindon.

“We could do with more events like this throughout the year.

“Each Scout group is going out on a local walk using their cards. Some are even tying this into an activity for a Scout related badge, such as the Green Cross Code.”

Lynsey Bull from Ferndale is playing for last year’s winner Ferndale Primary. She said: “It’s a great incentive to get people of all ages out and about. Especially some people who don’t usually get much exercise.

“It’s a great talking point and can be very sociable. I’m part of a running club and do parkrun and there’s friendly banter within the groups. There are some arranged events between the clubs so it’s a great way to get people supporting each other.

“One massive positive is that when people get involved it helps improve their wellbeing and promotes better mental health, which is a winner for me. We’ll do it again if it comes back.”

Beat the Street is organised by Intelligent Health and funded by the Lottery through Sport England and the council. Cards are available from libraries and leisure centres.