There is just over a week left to make your views known on whether Swindon should change its electoral system.

Councillors will decide in November whether to drastically reduce the number of elections held for Swindon Borough Council, and they want to hear the views of the borough’s voters. Almost 17,000 households have had their say so far.

At the moment 19 of the council’s 57 elected members are elected every year for three years, with one year of the four year cycle left ‘fallow’.

Council officers will make a report to the members about the pros and cons of changing form election ‘in thirds’ to ‘all out’ votes, where every councillor is elected at the same time, and there is only one election every four years.

One advantage of changing is that it would possibly save the council as much as £300,000.

Every home with registered voters has been sent a letter and a ballot paper, and the deadline for returning it is Friday October 25.

Any residents who have misplaced their form can obtain a replacement by contacting Election Reform Services, who are running the consultation, by emailing their name and address by  Friday 18 Oct.