Efforts by residents and councillors to keep the Morrisons store in the town centre open have failed.

The supermarket giant has confirmed that it will be following through its decision to close the shop in Regent Circus, with the last day of training being November 3.

More than 100 jobs will be lost.

This is despite the presentation to company bosses of a petition signed by hundreds of local residents and shoppers pleading to keep the branch going.

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That petition had been organised by ward councillor for Eastcott, which covers the store, Stan Pajak

An email to Coun Pajak from the chain sent this week said: “We have been heartened by the support shown towards our store colleagues by shoppers and the surrounding community over the past few weeks however I can confirm that we will close our Regent Circus store on Sunday, November 3.

“This decision follows our comprehensive consultation period with store colleagues and union representatives to investigate ways forward for the store.”

It added: “As part of this process we also took into consideration input from third parties
and we are grateful to you for working with the community to gather such a large petition in support of the store.

However, after reviewing the options we unfortunately could not find a way of improving the store’s viability.

“I want to reiterate that the decision to close the store is in no way a reflection of our colleagues’ efforts and we are grateful for their tireless work within the community and dedication to the business over the years this store has been trading.”

Coun Pajak said: “This is terrible news and a massive blow to the town centre community and the very viability of the town centre as a shopping destination.”

Shoppers yesterday were saddened by the news.

Christine Price, 77, said: “Is it actually going to close? That’s a real shame.

“I like it because the prices are good and the staff are all so lovely and  it’s so easy to get to. I live in Penhill, but I get the number 17 bus, and it stops right outside, and I’m in and out and back on the bus.

“I really don’t know where I’m going to shop now.”

The ease of access to the store was a theme.

Annette White, 77,  who lives in Wroughton, said: “I don’t drive and before this was here I had to go to Morrisons in Devizes. It’s really easy to get here on the bus. I’m going to have to go back to Devizes after it shuts. I’m not happy about it.”

Grant Jeffries, 54 said: “I work in the town centre and it’s good for a place to get lunch, and most days I pick up a few things to take home. It means that we rarely have to do a big supermarket shop, so that’s a weekly car trip I’m not making, so there’s a knock-on effect on things like that as well.”
Brian Andrews, from Marlborough added: “It’’s a good centrepiece for the town as well. I remember when the college was here before, and it was a mess.”