The Advertiser discovered the myth of the trigger-happy traffic warden was just that – a myth.

This was after going on patrol in the town centre with a joint team of inSwindon BID and Swindon Borough Council staff, including civil enforcement officer Lukasz Pepel.

The group were patrolling the new public space protection order area to enforce the rules that are in place which includes cycling and skateboarding in the town centre.

Here’s what you said on Facebook:

Daniel Adams: We need more of them. The way many people park in the town is nothing short of dangerous in many incidents.

Joanna Millin: I couldn’t agree more, maybe people will stop parking like idiots.

Pete Scurvy: They’re round the Lakeside estate almost daily. And they make a point of turning up in bank holidays.

Kennie Ken: That might be because they have to work bank holidays.

Heather Edginton: They should go up to Lawns school. There is parking on both sides of the road (some half on the road and path).

Paul English: As long as the wardens understand the rules.

Kennie Ken: Well I’d guess they do otherwise they wouldn’t be doing the job. I think it’s more likely the motorists don’t know the law.

William Miles: They should come to Everleigh road in Penhill during the day. People parking on the path, stopping people walking on the path with their kids. It’s a joke.

Jamie Webb: They certainly are trigger happy in the Gorse Hill area. On Beatrice Street they make a point of turning up between 2pm and 5pm as they know all the parking is taken by people who work in town, and the residents who work shifts have no choice but to park on double yellow lines.

Stuart Chrisp: They are trigger happy around town especially on College Street. I spoke to a couple of them that walk past work and they love doing it. They even trap you - we had a contractor in and he was told by one warden to park in a loading bay but half hour later he gets a ticket from the next warden that went past.

Simon Taylor-Mills: I was told by a traffic warden they actively target specific zones.

Alan Harris: Manny Road is one place they should visit regularly to be honest. I live near by and there are always people parked on corners making it dangerous or impossible to turn into a road. People park on the pavement forcing people to walk in the road. It’s a massive issue there.

Anthony Whitaker: All these people moaning about parking wardens being “trigger happy” - park legally and you’ll never get a ticket. It’s that simple. Don’t blame others for doing their job when it is your own fault for flouting the rules.

Joanna Millin: If you park illegally you should expect fine, you get caught your fault. When I have had a ticket I take it with grace and accept that I was caught.

Catherine Waterfield: I’ve had my fair share of tickets but the bottom line is they can only be handed out if you’re parking illegally, so it’s hardly the wardens’ fault. If you don’t want a ticket park sensibly.

Here’s what you said on our website:

lane1233: On match days you never see them around when there are a lot parked on double yellow lines or pavements. Never have I seen them around Manchester Road/Broadgreen area. They’re lenient on people parked near businesses on Commercial road, but the complete opposite in the Old Town or Gorse Hill areas. I wish they would ticket people who can’t park in on-street spaces and leave huge gaps either side.