READERS are keen to see an indoor market replace Morrisons after it closes the Regent Circus store.

New the shop would be shutting for good on November 3, prompted Adver readers to offer a variety of views on how the prominent building should be used in the future.

The most popular suggestion was for new indoor market

Swindon used to have a tented market on Market Street before that was permanently closed in 2017 for redevelopment as shops and flats.

Joe McShane said: “I’d like an indoor market. Some smaller internal units for traders like the old tented market.”

Fellow reader, Andrea Harper agreed saying: “I would love Swindon to have a market.

“Where you find random goodies and maybe a fresh fish or meat market.”

However, not everyone felt a new market would be used.Vicky Collins pointed out: “Those asking for a market, did you ever visit the market when it was open?

“I think it’s hard to argue for new facilities in Swindon when the ones we already have are not filled.”

Another popular choice to fill the soon-to-be-empty retail space was another supermarket chain, Aldi.

Sheila Noll said: “An Aldi will do nicely.”

Rob Baker added: “Love to see an Aldi there.”

The closest store to the town centre is on Drove Road. The discount supermarket was also a popular choice for readers when recommending stores to open at Greenbridge.

But Aldi refused to comment about the possibility of a potential new store.

In a similar vein to the indoor market, many readers suggested a new museum and art gallery could be opened up in the unit.

Rachel Chance suggested: “A museum and an art centre with maybe some nice quirky little shops and an information centre”

She was not alone in her recommendation with Barry Cox saying: “Unfortunately I think the shop is too big for anything else.

“Perhaps it should be made it into our new museum and art gallery with evening class facilities.”

Along with those recommendations, there were also calls for a bowling alley, food court, bars and even a new nightclub for the town centre.