THE DETECTIVE leading the investigation into the Ferndale stabbing said the attack had horrified him.

A man in his early 50s was stabbed three times by a group of five masked youths on Ferndale Road on Thursday afternoon.

Det Sgt Adrian Bray said the man was cycling along the Western Flyer underpass from Swindon town centre towards Cheney Manor when he was approached at around 1.45pm by one of the youths.

The youngster, said to be between 16 and 20-years-old, attracted the man’s attention by calling “yo”. He was joined by the others, who chased him towards Ferndale Road.

The victim was punched, kicked and stabbed twice in the buttocks and once in the hip. The injuries were not life threatening and the man was released from Great Western Hospital earlier today.

Det Sgt Bray of Swindon CID said: “I’m horrified. People should be allowed to go about their daily business without being targeted by people.

“There’s a rise in knife crime and there has been a significant serious assault down this pathway.”

He warned young people against carrying knives: “I would say think before using a knife. Whatever the circumstances, think if something happened to a relative or close friend.”