Swindon’s Conservative MPs are ready for a Christmas general election if that's what it takes to break the Brexit impasse.

After Boris Johnson’s failure to secure a timetable on his new Brexit deal on Tuesday night, all eyes are on the European Union leaders.

If an extension past the October 31 deadline is granted, it is thought the PM will to push for an early election in a bid to resolve the Commons deadlock.

Speaking about parliament's response to the PMs Brexit deal, North Swindon MP Justin Tomlinson said: “I have mixed feelings – very positive that a parliamentary majority was finally secured for Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal but still more hurdles remain.

“Calm heads are needed. There has to be a way, we have never been closer to getting Brexit done.

“If parliament continues to fail to deliver Brexit, simply extending uncertainty, then we will continue to push for a general election to allow the public to choose who should lead the negotiations.”

Both Mr Tomlinson and South Swindon MP Robert Buckland have said they are prepared to fight for their seats this winter.

Justice secretary Mr Buckland said: “I’m always ready for an election.

“I work week in and week out as well as talking and working with residents.

“A winter election might not be the best time for people, but if it needs to happen then so be it.

“We will fight on a clear campaign,” he added. “We will get Brexit done. We will focus on law and order, which I am spearheading. And the PM wants to deliver more for schools and the environment.

“With that clarity we have a strong argument and will be ready.”

Mr Tomlinson added: “As a local resident, and having represented my local community for 19 years as a councillor and now the MP since 2010, I have always campaigned all year round.

"As and when an election is called I am ready.”

Labour candidate Sarah Church says she is ready to wrestle control of South Swindon from Mr Buckland, whose majority at the 2017 election was just 2,462.

“I’ve been campaigning since the last election and spent a lot of time supporting residents," she said. "I’ve been a very active candidate and I hope that it shows I could do more as an MP.

“Buckland has sold out and is not listening to concerns about the things that matter most to his constituents, such as the NHS. People want to choose an MP they can trust and that’s what I’m offering.”

But Mr Tomlinson added: "In parliament Labour MPs are openly saying they won't support a general election yet due to their dire polling and they believe they can still remove Jeremy Corbyn."