AFTER news that Wiltshire Council has secured £75m to build a relief road in Chippenham, protestors have renewed their objections to the plan which would also bring 7,500 new houses to the town.

The council received the cash from central government, using their Housing Infrastructure Fund, to build a road which will connect the north and south points of Chippenham on the eastern side. The council believe this will reduce traffic delays in and around the town as well as open up space for 7,500 homes to be built.

One objector, sitting MP for North Wiltshire, James Gray said: “I’m very disappointed the council is going through with the plans.

“I really take issue with the new houses the council wants to build as well as the road. I think the number of cars brought by the houses will not inly negate the relief road but make the traffic worse.

“I also think it will have a negative effect on our countryside, and could damage it significantly.”

Cllr Clare Cape, a Chippenham Liberal Democrat, is also against the proposal.

The Pewsham councillor, said: “Me and my colleagues are quite divided on the proposal. I’m personally not very happy about this.

“My concern is the sheer number of houses that will be built alongside the road.

“I understand bringing in the houses may make the town centre busier and better but continuously building out and out does not build a better community.

“That eastern side of Chippenham is quite a precious part of our countryside. Is it really the best place for development in Chippenham or Wiltshire?”

Cllr Philip Whitehead, leader of Wiltshire Council, said: “We’re delighted to be awarded £75 million through the Housing Infrastructure Fund. The bidding process is highly competitive so to secure this funding demonstrates confidence in our ability to deliver these important transport improvements and our economic and housing aspirations.

“The funding provides us with a welcome opportunity to get things right from the start and have the right infrastructure in place before any additional development takes place in and around the town centre, which is exactly what residents have told us they want.

“We know some of Chippenham’s infrastructure is already at capacity which causes problems for the residents every day of the week. This essential investment will help provide a sustainable network fit for the 21st century and enable growth both in employment and housing in Chippenham.”

The council will now seek to get planning permission.

“Added improvements will also include enhancement of the town centre and access to it, new community facilities and new public green space all of which will have a positive impact on people’s lives across Chippenham and the surrounding areas.”