SOME people in Swindon are still only watching television on black-and-white TVs.

The TV Licensing organisation revealed that 14 of the monochrome TV sets are still in use around the town - the highest amount in Wiltshire, more than the four in Salisbury.

Spokesperson Natasha Lee said: “When BBC One launched its colour TV service in November 1969 there were only three channels available.

"Now more than half of TV households have in some way an internet connection to their TV and access to hundreds of channels.

"While these only account for a very small proportion, it’s interesting to know that some households in Swindon still like to watch their favourite shows on a black and white TV.”

A licence is still needed to watch live TV and stream BBC programmes on iPlayer on a black and white television or monitor and costs £52. A colour TV Licence is needed if these devices are used to download BBC programmes on iPlayer or to record any live TV.

BBC One celebrates its 50th anniversary of colour TV - the channel launched its full colour service on November 15 1969 and this expanded to ITV. BBC Two had shown colour programmes since 1967.