Votes will be counted and speeches given in victory and default from a new location in Swindon at this year's general election.

We're all familiar with pictures from leisure centre sports halls from around the country on election night, and Swindon is no different - it has held its election counts at Oasis leisure centre for years.

But this year the counts for both the South Swindon and North Swindon constituencies will be held at Steam Museum in the historic GWR complex next to the Designer Outlet.

A spokesman for Swindon Borough Council which is responsible for running all elections in the borough said the change form the normal venue was caused by the election being called rather hurriedly by Parliament, just weeks after a beginning a new session with the Queen's Speech.

Votes will be cast all across the borough in both constituencies and transported as fast as possible after 10pm to the museum for counting.

The deadline to register to vote of December 12 is midnight on Tuesday 26 November. Register at

The deadline to apply for a postal vote for any reason is 5pm on the same day, using