THE Croft Sports Centre is the starting and finishing point for the latest running route supplied by Mark Jones of Swindon Striders.

It covers 5.6 miles, and offers both flat and hill running.

From the Croft Sports Centre, take the path which passes the front entrance up and right on to Hesketh Crescent.

Turn left in to Winifred Street and then left again into St Margaret’s Road.

At the junction of Croft Road turn right and then left into Springfield Road.

Turn right into Quarry Road and follow this until you reach Bath Road - then turn left.

Follow Bath Road on to Kingshill Road before turning right into Clifton Street.

Follow Clifton Street to the bottom and then right on to Radnor Street.

Turn left on to Cambria Road and then left on to Faringdon Road.

Continue, turning slight left on to Westcott Place, then along.

Make a slight right on to Wootton Bassett Road.

Continue along the road and under the railway bridge, then turn right in to Penzance Drive.

Keep going along Penzance Drive until you reach Rodbourne Road.

Turn right and continue until Church Place by the TA Centre.

Turn left and follow the road until turning right into Emlyn Square.

Turn right on to Faringdon Road and then left on to Milton Road.

Turn right on to Curtis Street. At the end head right up Eastcott Hill.

At the top, turn left on to Bath Road and then continue on to Wood Street.

Turn right at the end of Wood Street on to High Street.

Follow the road until you reach Evelyn Street on the right.

Go under the bridge and then immediately left in to Marlborough Lane.

Finally, at the junction, turn right and head back to the Croft Sports Centre.

Swindon Striders continues to run its 5K-plus group.

The sessions are suitable for former enthusiasts rekindling an interest, together with newcomers who are capable of covering this distance.

Striders secretary Mark Jones said: “The idea is that over a number of weeks we help runners build from 5K upwards.

“If anyone wants to join us, please come to the Croft Sports Centre for 6.45pm on Mondays.

“Also, despite the wintry weather, we are still busy with running events and training for those races.

“Join us every Wednesday from Croft for hill repeats and speed session training - alternating each week.”

Swindon Striders organises road and trail runs come rain or shine, and welcomes people at all stages of their running careers.

The organisation has three sub-groups of runners.

The first is for people who are able to run a mile in 11 or 12 minutes, or in other words people who are generally just getting started on their running journey.

The second group is for people who are capable of running a nine-minute mile.

They are the middle set of runners and range from people training in a fairly solitary way to those needing practice as they work toward goals such as a half-marathon.

The third group is composed of runners described by Swindon Striders Secretary Mark Jones as the ones who are pretty quick.

Among them are local elite athletes - dedicated competitive runners.

Members fall not only into various categories of athletic ability but also a broad range of ages and backgrounds.

One of the more senior members, who is in his seventies, won a trophy at the Swindon 10k run held at Wroughton airfield.

In addition to training, advice and a warm welcome, new members can look forward to a thriving social scene which includes barbecues, curry nights out and Christmas parties.