PUPILS from Greenmeadow Primary School got creative and went on a school trip to learn about spirituality.

One year group received a WIRE Award after spending time finding out about different faiths and religions.

They visited Swindon’s Hindu Temple for a yoga session and to try a variety of cultural dishes as part of the award's requirements to visit a non-Christian place of worship.

The school as a whole entered the Spirited Arts competition, where each class made an artwork based around themes like windows on the soul, pilgrimages and journeys, and the mysteries of life.

The school council from the school then chose a winner from each class whose work was then sent off to enter the national competition.

Headteacher Emma Hirst said: “It was to make religious education more fun and interactive and help the pupils learn in different ways.

"They really enjoyed it because they had not done something like it before. It was a new experience and one they will hopefully do it again."

The Widening Inclusivity in Religious Education award recognises excellence in RE.