The latest in an line of cabinet ministers came to support Robert Buckland in his campaign to be re-elected as the MP for South Swindon.

Nicky Morgan, the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport braved freezing in temperatures in Chiseldon to help her cabinet colleague knocking on doors and speaking to voters.

She follows on from Health Secretary Matt Hancock and Chancellor Sajid Javid who were both in the constituency in the last week.

Ms Morgan denied it suggested the party’s high command was concerned about holding on to what might be a key seat.

He said: “I’ve known Robert for a long time and I’ve wanted to come and help him in his campaign.”

Mr Buckland said: “I take nothing for granted.

"I was elected with a 3,500 majority and increased that and in 2017 my vote went up, but my majority dropped.

"I know that I have to work to win South Swindon and that’s what people say to me when campaigning, they know my work on behalf of the constituency and they appreciate it. But you can’t take anything for granted.

Ms Morgan said: “Elections aren’t won on election day, but in the years of work before that, and people know what Robert has done.”

Both Mr Buckland and Ms Morgan campaigned for the UK to remain in the EU in the 2016 referendum, but are now campaigning for a Conservative government to take Britain out of the institution, including single market and customs union.

Mr Buckland said: “We had a vote in 2016, which didn’t go the way we campaigned for.

"But if you leave the EU, you can’t stay in its institutions. David Cameron said an option like Norway wouldn’t work.

“A Conservative government will make sure the referendum result is respected and will get on and get it done.”

Ms Morgan said: “More important is the relationship afterwards with the EU. The Conservative Party wants a close and successful relationship with the EU.”

Asked whether that meant a Conservative government would try and negotiate a free-trade agreement with Brussels, Ms Morgan said: “We want a trade agreement across different sectors, so there aren’t tariffs and barriers which would otherwise be there.

“That’s actually the big challenge to come


Labour’s Sarah Church and the Liberal Democrats’ Stan Pajak are standing in South Swindon.