TWO friends have been working together to put on their first Christmas concert for Swindon.

Laurie Pluckneet met Kayleigh Jackson a a year ago while out with some friends and they've been close ever since.

In October Laurie came up with the idea of putting on a concert while singing carols in her kitchen.

She texted Kayleigh Jackson to see if she would get on board.

And now six weeks later, they're putting the final touches to the event.

Laurie, 30, of West Swindon, said: “The idea came to me. I’ve got a few friends who are in bands and I went to them and told them about it.

"They thought it was a crazy idea at first but now they’re really up for it.

“I have always loved Christmas. It’s one of the times of year where you’re with everyone and it’s the one time you all slow down and appreciate the time you have together.”

Kayleigh, 33, of Greenbridge Road, is the lead singer of Pink Mac. She wasn’t sure that they could put the concert together in time.

She said: “Laurie sent me a message asking if I’d want to help organise the concert I told her I don’t really have the time but I’ll do the music side of things if she does all the admin.

“I did think she was crazy because we only had six weeks to do it but I was definitely up for doing it with her."

With only a few days to go they’ve managed to get more than 10 bands to get everyone into the festive spirit.

The event will raise money and awareness for the National Suicide Prevention Alliance.

Kayleigh said: “I have given money to the cause in the past and it just felt natural to pick them for this event.

“Mental health awareness has grown and it’s quite close to musicians’ hearts because we all feel the pressure to be happy and bubbly and to get on the stage even when we’re not feeling it.”

Laurie was happy with the NSPA being picked as the organisation they would raise money for.

She said: “Most musicians know people who have committed suicide and mental health is a massive thing around Christmas, they can feel lonely around this time. Even though people can look happy on the outside, they could be feeling different on the inside.”

The concert is at Level 3 in Commercial Road on December 1. There will also be a raffle. It starts at 4pm and entry is free.