A SWINDON Town fan struggling with chronic pain found it increasingly difficult to get to matches or even to the shops – until fellow fans and a local business helped him get a much-needed mobility scooter.

Paul ‘Jacko’ Jackson has supported Town at home and away for years and has even appeared in the TV highlights package on occasion, celebrating near the touchline.

The 64-year-old was overwhelmed when friends and fans rallied to support him.

Paul said: “I was in floods of tears when I heard how much had been raised. I was crying like a baby. I could not believe people had been so kind.

“People I didn’t know and had never met had donated and left kind messages. It was very moving and humbling.

“This scooter will be an immense help and make a huge difference. I can’t thank people enough – it’s restored my faith in humanity.”

Paul is a regular in the County Ground’s Arkell's stand and helped organise the Swindon supporters in the London Association during the 80s and 90s.

His friend Emma Webb set up a fundraising page to help him raise £2,000 to buy a mobility scooter that would give him the comfort and freedom he desperately needed.

Emma said: “Despite the pain, he tries to always keep a smile on his face and make sure everyone else has a good time.

“We wanted to help him and ensure that he can stay as independent as possible. He was blown away by the generosity of friends, fellow fans of Swindon Town and everyone else who donated and shared our link.

“Let's face it, STFC need all the fans they can get and we wanted to say thanks to him for being such a top bloke,”

Ricky Towler, the director of mobility equipment retailer Middletons, which opened in Swindon in August, heard about Paul’s plight and wanted to help him out.

Mr Towler said: “When we found out that Swindon Town fans were raising money to fund a mobility scooter for Jacko, we knew we had to help anyway we could.

“At Middletons, we love getting involved in helping the communities around us, and we were delighted to help Paul get mobile again.”

Paul, who lives in the town centre, visited the Middletons Swindon branch in mid-October and tested out some scooters with the help of the staff who offered advice on the best model for him.

After visiting the store a second time at the beginning of November, Paul is eagerly waiting for the delivery of a Chase Scooter that will help him carry on supporting Swindon Town from the stands for years to come.