DYSON’S new headquarters will be on the site of a Singapore nightclub.

The technology giant announced in January it would be moving its head office from Malmesbury to the Far East.

The company’s new HQ will be in restored 110,000 sq ft St James Power Station, most recently used as a nightclub.

Jim Rowan, CEO of Dyson, said: “The historic St James Power Station will be a most inspiring backdrop for Dyson’s people. It will be a hive for our research and development endeavours, as we focus on great technology breakthroughs.

“I’m very confident that the ingenuity of our engineers and scientists here in Singapore – and the many more who will join them – will continue to drive Dyson forward all around the globe.”

Noted Brexiteer Sir James Dyson faced criticism when the company’s move to Singapore was announced earlier this year. Dyson will no longer be a British-registered firm and its main tax base will be in Singapore. The company says no jobs will be lost.