A HAIR specialist who supplies wigs to patients having chemotherapy has been honoured for her work.

Lynda Hutton, 53, has specialist for 35 years after opening her salon in Chiseldon.

She carries out free consultations at Cameo on the High Street, which is also one of the largest trichology clinics in the country. Some people come from as far afield as the United States to benefit from her expertise.

Lynda collected an award for Outstanding Services to Trichology and Oncology at the Institute of Medicine in London.

She said: “They said my name and I was looking around to see who was going to get up because I hadn’t registered.

“Then all the people on my table told me to get up, then I grabbed my award and champagne and tried to make a run for it but they wanted me to speak. I just said ‘I don’t do this, I’m shy, but thank you’.”

Lynda took the prize after seeing the most oncology patients within trichology.

She visits hospitals across Swindon, Bath and Chippenham to help supply patients wigs after they have gone through chemotherapy.

She works with The Little Princess Trust, which makes wigs for children with cancer, and performs free fittings.

She said: “It’s amazingly rewarding and people are so grateful that you help them during this terrible time.

“I know a lady who refused treatment because she didn’t want to lose her hair. It’s the first thing some people think about and so wigs can be amazing.”

Lynda also holds a support group for The Alopecia Society, which it is held at Cameo every three months.