Voters in North Swindon have a choice of four candidates to pick from when they go to the polls next week.

The Conservative candidate Justin Tomlinson is defending the seat for the first time since winning it first in 2010.

Here are the hopefuls in their own words:

ANDY BENTLEY (Green Party): “I’m a proud dad, 54, working in IT. I grew up on a council estate and was the first in my family to go to university. I want every child to get the same opportunities in life that I’ve had.

“As a humanist, I believe that we only get this one life and we should all do our bit to make the world a better place.

“Underpinning everything I do will be the passion for a fair and just society where every person is valued, cared for and listened to.

“I will fight for strong public services, for good local schools and health services, and for flourishing local businesses and community.

“A vote for the me is a vote for radical policies to tackle climate change, transform the UK economy and society with a real, transformative, Green New Deal.

“We are the only party being honest about the true scale of the climate emergency, and the measures needed to tackle it. I’m not telling you what you want to hear, just to get elected. We face huge challenges, but such challenges can be a great force to unite the country.

“If you’ve ever considered voting Green, now is the time.

KATIE CRITCHLOW (Liberal Democrats): “New to politics, I’ve been in green business for 20 years. At Marks & Spencer, I launched carrier bag charging, sustainable palm oil and pioneered animal welfare in fashion. I transformed Worldwide Fund for Nature’s approach to conservation in Borneo creating a positive green economy plan for the region. I now help to run green start ups.

“Amongst my achievements, I’ve negotiated deals with major car companies and raised significant finance by having a powerful vision for how good business can thrive in the green economy. When I lived in Indonesia, I used to feel so proud to come from the UK, a free and fair country. But today, I’m appalled by politics. I want to change that. I want to show what good politics can deliver.

“Using my business skills in strategy, innovation and negotiation, I want to help Swindon be a beacon for success in the green industrial revolution. I want Swindon to proudly remain a pioneer in the transportation industry to create new jobs in zero carbon transport, replacing jobs lost through the Honda closure.

“I want to show how putting more funding and power in the hands of local government and communities can help to regenerate our town centre and local economy.

“I want world-class public services that everyone can access and be proud of.

KATE LINNEGAR (Labour): “I grew up here and have campaigned for public services and a fairer system for years.

“If elected I will work towards a society that puts people and planet before profit. I truly believe a better world is possible and that would enrich our lives here in Swindon.

“We need investment is Swindon and to attract secure, fairly paid jobs. I’ll work with our Regional Investment Bank, local businesses and residents to decide where to investment in our economy and communities.

The fully costed Labour party manifesto will benefit everyone, investing in education, with access free throughout our lives.

"The NHS will be properly funded so we won’t have queues of people on trolleys at GWH and can see a GP.

"I’m excited about the investment in mental health services. Many young people in Swindon struggle to get the help they need.

"I’ll fight to ensure we get our fair share of green jobs in the Green New Deal. We are already promised an electric vehicle battery factory on the Honda site, creating over 3,000 jobs.

"Swindon is a great place to live, work and raise children. I will listen to residents and champion our town in Westminster, ensuring we all benefit from the policies in our manifesto."

JUSTIN TOMLINSON (Conservatives): "I am proud to have represented our local community for 19 years as a councillor, MP and government minister.

"I live in North Swindon with my wife and baby daughter, I share and understand the issues, and no-one works harder than me to champion the town.

"This election is about delivering Brexit and prioritising the things that matter to you: schools, policing, the NHS, the environment and building a strong economy.

"The Conservatives are making a positive difference.

"On the NHS we are delivering record funding, with a pledge of £34bn more per year. There will be 50,000 more nurses, 6,000 more GPs and 50m more GP appointments. For schools we are delivering new primary and secondary schools, including the £23m Great Western Academy.

"School funding will also increase to a minimum of £4,000 and £5,000 per primary and secondary pupil.

"We will make our streets safer with 20,000 more police officers and tougher sentences.

"With our strong, growing economy we are attracting new businesses and investment in Swindon, delivering 11,000 new jobs and 12,000 apprenticeship starts.

"Having been voted the second most helpful MP in Parliament, I have shown I have the energy, enthusiasm and determination to make a difference. Please give me the chance to carry on this important work as your MP."