TICKETS are still available for a new Harold Pinter double bill at Artsite in Theatre Square.

The Lover and The Dumb Waiter will be presented by multiple award-winning Swindon theatre company Whole Hog Productions on Friday and Saturday, December 6 and 7.

Each piece is among the best-known by a playwright regarded as among the greatest of the 20th century.

The Dumb Waiter, first staged 60 years ago, is about two hitmen waiting amid a growing atmosphere of tension for information about their next job.

As the minutes tick by, they must deal with a series of increasingly strange requests.

The Lover, first seen three years after The Dumb Waiter, focuses on an outwardly conventional married couple, Sarah and Richard.

Although their lives would seem ordinary to the casual observer, a mysterious lover calls on Sarah every day while Richard is at work.

Both plays are directed by Whole Hog Productions’ new artistic director, Darren Little.

Darren also plays one the roles in The Dumb Waiter.

Each performance starts at 7.30pm and tickets cost £11.50.

Call 01793 524481 or visit