One of the more unusual questions at this week's BBC Hustings brought a rare moment of unity – and brevity – from all three South Swindon candidates.

They were asked whether they would support allowing people whose gender identity does not match the male/female ‘binary’ to put an ‘x’ for that category in their passports.

All three returned one word answers of ‘yes’.

Expanding on his answer Robert Buckland, the Conservative candidate and Justice Secretary said he encounters the issue with his work in women’s prisons.

He said: “I don’t see why not on a passport. This is something I would support.”

Labour’s Sarah Church said: “It’s a relatively simple thing to do on a passport.

"It does get more complicated where gender and sex come into conflict, things like women’s prisons. But I wouldn’t want to deny this is an aspect of who we are, so it is something we need to work through.”

Liberal Democrat Stan Pajak said he was an opponent of all prejudice and discrimination.

No such agreement, or indeed concision, was found on a question about whether the railways would be better nationalised.

Ms Church said they would: “You can see that looking at the East Coast mainline which was nationalised because it was failing and then unfortunately re-privatised.”

Mr Pajak said his party wouldn’t nationalise, but would look at more control.

“No” was Mr Buckland’s answer.