THE wreckage of a car involved in a fatal crash near Lyneham was displayed in Royal Wootton Bassett to raise awareness of the consequences of drink and drug driving.

Parked on the High Street on Saturday, it gave an opportunity for people to ask questions and find out how alcohol and drugs could affect their driving.

The Golf left the A3102 on September 30, 2017, colliding with trees and killing a passenger. The driver was drunk.

Wiltshire Police said on social media: “It was great to engage with so many and give you the opportunity to try out the drink and drug goggles, driving simulator and discuss the message we were trying to pass on.

“Events like these, we hope will educate motorists and future generations to the consequences of drink/drug driving.”

Just the night before, a man was arrested after his vehicle collided with a parked car when he was three and a half times the legal limit.