AN 'unbearable' pong described as 'a mix of cheese and vomit' has been wafting from the solid recovered fuel plant at the Swindon Household Recycling Centre for weeks, according to a delivery driver.

Wayne Harris, 46, makes visits to the Cheney Manor industrial park every other day and keeps encountering the deeply unpleasant aroma.

He said: “The smell of what I can only describe as cheese and vomit, it’s coming from there as I’ve been to the place.

“It’s been going on for weeks. The smell is unbearable.

“If you look at the Swindon Facebook pages of all the different areas, everyone is complaining about the smell.

“When I was there the other day I almost vomited. It’s that bad. Even the staff are moaning about it.”

He added: “I’d like it to be fixed so that Swindon is a nice place to live and people don’t have to wake up in the morning to that smell which seems to last all day.

Living in Blunsdon, Wayne says he can sometimes smell it from his own home and is worried how it might affect other people.

“It will impact a lot of people because they can’t even open their window or do their washing without the smell coming in.

“It’s horrible. It’s best we all complain as clearly nothing’s getting fixed and it’s been like this for weeks.

“I’m gagging every time I go there.”

Built four years ago, the plant is run by Public Power Solutions which is owned by Swindon Borough Council.

The point of the plant is to turn rubbish into fuel which is sent to cement manufacturers to use instead of coal.

The council has acknowledged the smell but reassured people that it wouldn’t be hanging around much longer.

A spokesman explained: “We have recently moved residents’ black bag waste to a different part of the plant.

"Unfortunately when stored waste is moved, it can create a smell.

“The smell will only be temporary and the Environment Agency, who were on site earlier this week, have raised no concerns about odour.”