THE Green Party’s candidate for North Swindon Andy Bentley claims the current election will stop any party other than the Conservatives or Labour getting into power.

Mr Bentley said: “People on the doorstep really like our green message and policies but we are hampered by the two-horse race in Swindon.

“The reaction to our green message and policies has been very positive, though the Green Party has not been doing a huge amount on the doorstep this year.

“We are trying to encourage people to vote positively for what they believe in rather than out of fear. Both Labour and the Tories say to vote for them to stop the other party getting into power and that’s a tired old tactic.

“Vote for a party that has been constantly pro-Europe, because being in the EU is a good thing, and strong on the climate message which is the single biggest issue facing us today.

“Otherwise, these elections become a self-perpetuating system and in five years voters will have the exact same Labour or Conservative choice.

“It’s only by voting for something different that we can get a fairer voting system in the end.

“We had the original Green New Deal and it is still the best because it’s the only one that acknowledges the full scale of the problem.

“Other parties have cottoned on since then and have some good environmental ideas but their green deals do not go far enough.”