A SURGE of support for Labour in south Swindon at the 2017 election saw the area’s candidate Sarah Church receive 43.6 per cent of the vote.

Incumbent MP Robert Buckland still won by more than 2,000 votes and had a 48 per cent share of the overall vote – but another surge could help Ms Church come out on top this time around.

She said: “It’s been so lovely to be recognised on the doors for the work I have done with community groups and individuals across the constituency. People want an MP they can trust to listen and work very hard on their behalf. Lots of people have been telling me about how fed up they are with politics, that they want a change and a breath of fresh air.”

“The last few weeks of the campaign have really seen voters firm up their views prior to Thursday’s election. Labour is offering real change and a sensible way to get Brexit sorted within six months.

“Many people have been put off by the poor performance of Boris Johnson in the televised debates and do not trust him to deliver on his promises.

“The more doors we knock on, the more Labour voters we find either voting Labour for the first time or confirming their support.

“Labour’s plans to tackle climate change are very popular and voters know they can trust Labour to safeguard the NHS and invest in schools and children’s services.

“The plan to bring back Sure Start Children’s Centres is essential, especially here in Swindon, where the Tories cut them all.”