Delays around the Magic Roundabout caused misery this week while part of Queens Drive was closed.

The road was shut by Thames Water to repair a damaged water main with just the bus lane remaining open.

Work was predicted to be finished by Monday but could stay closed for the rest of the week.

Here’s what you said on Facebook and the Adver website:

Ian Cooke: “Three-day estimate by Thames Water was a joke.

“The town is coming to a standstill at various times during the day.

“Plus, why the lane closure from Drakes Way coming into Swindon? Traffic wanting to turn left along Queens Drive towards Coate Water have to be part of the same queue as traffic into town.”

Derek Rutland: “Well, a bit longer than the three days we got told on Friday last week.

“May have helped if they had worked on it over the weekend and on Monday this week, there’s three days gone.

“And they didn’t do much there on Friday last week. Would be nice to see them fined but it will not happen.

“There has been one lane shut there for weeks so in a way the roadworks will have taken almost four weeks in total. So much for three days.”

Jack Wicks: “Why don’t they just say ‘hey, we’re closing the road for repairs, could be open before Christmas, could be after Christmas, who knows?’. Typical.”

Jessie Dimino: “Typical. Always before Christmas as well.”

Tony Martin: “At the end of the day, if it’s busted and needs fixing, it needs fixing.

“I concur with the view that they should just get on with it though, rather than cone a load of lanes off then go home for the weekend.”

Mark Viggers: “It’s the usual Swindon farce.”

Matt Mahon: “Time to buy a bicycle.”

Richard Rouse: “Went past several times at the weekend, no-one working on it at all.

“Despite saying it would be finished by Monday, absolute disgrace.”

Sue Bolton: “We had to catch a train on Monday morning and it took an hour to get from home to the station. Crazy.”

Andrea Rose: “We would moan more if we have no water.”

Becky Quirk: “Absolute joke. No one there working at the weekend and now they’re saying it’s going to take a bit longer.

“You want to try living right next to it, trying to get back home from the school run or going to and from work.

“Might ease slightly if you opened Drakes Way back up as I have no idea why that lane has been shut.”

Pete Shipp: “How come there was no-one working on it on Sunday then?

“And I didn’t see anyone working on it yesterday when I went past either.”

Karl Cook: “Yes so urgent, they didn’t bother working on it at all over the weekend.

“Never mind the delays to the motorists.”

Joanne Burberry: “One lane is open and cars are going down.

“Not as bad as I thought it would be so fair play.”

Kimberley Rowe: “Took me an hour to get through yesterday.”

Alex Robinson: “If it isn’t repaired the homes won’t have water. So suck it up.”

Red Diamond: “One lane open but still no sign of any workers doing any work again.

“Can’t see the road being fully open until next week?”

Gowest: “What a complete joke.”

Dario Prinzi: “Wonder if the same people moaning about the road being closed will be moaning when 9,000 people are out of water.”

Frank Simons: “No-one was working on it over the weekend.”